One Year On

We are fast approaching our first year in business and I just wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on a year it has been.

I knew trying to start a business in the middle of global pandemic was going to be hard, it was going to be difficult managing a full time job, starting a business and personal life, it was going to take up all my spare time, but I was prepared to take on the challenge and what a successful challenge it has been.

It had been a dream of mine for a while to own a business. I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted that business to be or do but I wanted to own something that I made, something I had grown, something I could be proud of.

After speaking with family and friends, everyone was coming up with the same thing - Homeware and Gifts. I love homeware, I love going to homeware shops, just to look at all the cute little thing they sell. There was my business idea - my research began, looking at suppliers, competitors, home account on Instagram to get a feel for the items I wanted to stock.

Choosing a name, I wanted something that was personal to me, I love giving gifts and presents. Love From Robbie, just didn't sit with me. Number 34 is our door number, Love From Number 34. Love From My Home to Yours. It has a meaning, it was just what I wanted. Love From Number 34 was born.

We launched at the end of April 2020, I had already sorted out the website, created all our social media, had my spare room full of stock, we were ready to take off! I cannot believe the support we were getting, the messages, the orders, our stock was selling out fast, I mean I know I only stocked little quanities of each item as I didn't know what would sell, what people would like. I didn't want to be left with a 100 candle holders which I couldn't shift but I was blown away! Thank you x

Business was steady away, I was finding it hard to keep time stocked up. I was uploading them, they were selling out, going back to the supplier to find out they had sold out. That been the downfall of this items sell out fast with our supplier, items you love get discontinued... it's hard.

To bring something new to Love From Number 34 I introduced our own Wax Melt range started with 50g deli pots available in a small number of fragrances. They went down a treat - I soon released 'snap bar' wax melts and loose heart shape wax melts. Again, I couldn't keep up with the demand... working with a few moulds and trying to make 20+ orders of wax melts I was spending hours on end in our kitchen cooking up your wax melts. I suppose if you don't put in the time and hard work you don't get results. I finally settled with clamshells -I was able to bulk make and keep a stock of each scent.

September 2020 I went on the hunt for a couple of brand reps, someone to help us grow our brand and business, someone to support us and make it a success. I only planned to take on 2 brand reps, I ended up choosing 4. I was inundated with messages to apply, it was so hard to choose so I settled for 4. @chalkfieldhouse @X_heartof63 & @number27_interiors still support us today - I can't thank them enough for their continued support. Check them out and give them a follow on Instagram, they each have their own discount code.

The run up to Christmas was the best time for us, we were armed with Christmas decorations, table decs and Gonks, omg the Gonks. Everyone loved the gonks. @staceysolomon created a hashtag